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What is Rebirth / Conscious Breathing?


This breathing technique was developed by Leonard Orr to re-establish an intuitive, connected, energetic and relaxed rhythm to access the subconscious and unlock hidden emotions and feelings that arouse breath. Breathing was inhibited at birth and 

Unlock hidden emotions and feelings that awaken your breath.

Breathing was inhibited at birth and this practice creates a free bypass block,

with the help of the forces of nature (air, fire, earth and water) and achieves happiness, relaxation and healing.

Rebirth Benefits:

- Reduces stress and tension levels.

- Increases energy and stamina.

- Improved control of emotions.

- Prevents physical problems.

- Relieves all kinds of ailments.

- Improves mental concentration and physical performance.

- Facilitates spiritual transformation.

Individual sessions:

- It is recommended to start a cycle of ten sessions with a professional resurfacing.

- The ideal frequency is one weekly session.

Each session consists of two parts:

1 - By activating you will discover patterns of behavior that define your birth,

childhood and relationships and how these patterns affect your creative thinking life.

2 - In this, we will practice the art of conscious breathing and activate it

for approximately two hours.

The reborner's guide helps you solve problems whose origins lie

in an unconscious belief system, which offer various tools for

the resolution: affirmations, readings and suggestions that the client will use the space

remainder between sessions.

circular breathing. It must be deep, without pauses and conscious. the rhythm of our

Breathing connects us with the flow of life and the universe.

Body relaxation. The body is lying in a horizontal position and in the manner

as comfortable as possible.

Attention is projected within us, available and attentive to perception

of what lived inside. Little by little the body released tension, our vehicle

of emotions is made.

Attention to the "here and now".



What is the family constellation?


It is an alternative technique aimed at discovering and recognizing all those aspects that cause us so much suffering due to ignorance of the root of the conflict. A family constellation does not offer the opportunity to free ourselves from the harmful consequences of unconsciously bringing up family secrets 

abortions, incest, infidelity, abandonment, death, etc., unfinished business, transmitted from generation to generation through our family trees, and saved as themselves, when in reality they belong to us. We could include as examples:

irrational fears, emotional reactions to certain situations or people, compulsions, etc.

Basic ingredients to participate in a family constellation:

-  Love

-  The forgiveness

- Certainty that all human beings are energetic beings.


Categorize the participants according to their role in the constellation:

1- A specific participant will constellate the family and ask in their tree


2- Participants selected to impersonate family members studded.

3- Members who cooperate in the constellation of participant and family specific.

What is it and how does a family constellation work:

To carry out a family constellation session, a number is required unknown of participants and one participant in specific constellationshe loves his family or investigates his family tree.


Some participants selected from all participants impersonating the family members. The session begins with the constellator's instruction specific participant who wants to constellate his family, who chooses many participants who cooperate as direct family members, father and number of siblings. This selection will be made indiscriminately, without following any specific criteria and can even assign the role of father to a female participant.  The world does not distinguish the gender constellation, only he understood the energy.

Although this may seem absurd, it is not. The energy present in the stage moves invisibly so that all participants fulfill their roles, the energy field has been essential for this meeting to take place.  I finish with paper threads. It should be noted that those selected participants they will not receive more instruction than the role assigned to them, which will make the individual participate. From this moment on, the members of the selected family will be distributed in the room, standing up, so that they can, as a first step, look carefully among the members of the family. Following the instructions of the constellator, each participant will look at the other placed in front of him/her, and leave him/her out so that he/she can then emerge or sit in the energetic encounter with the other. Emotions, feelings, sensations whose roots are few LOCKS, resistance and resentment is experience.


The purpose is to identify and release them through love and forgiveness to achieve the desired release. In that first face-to-face meeting with the relatives, they will go gradually adding other participating donors who will be incorporated

gradually, when the constellator begins a "virtual journey in time", which It will include adding and combining, one by one, the cooperating participants that it deems appropriate. energy at that time. In these combinations, those participants who are in the group of donors initially selected as family members will begin to be included, so that eventually a human chain of energy is formed in which common denominator of all of them will be a flow of energy that was already exerting its presence even before the beginning of the session.


It will be like a countdown, and each meeting per couple will represent a generation before the first gift of the family tree that has

just begun to develop. The job that the constellator will play in each game will be to perceive, feel the emotions unleashed at that moment, determine how intense the emotions are, and the possibility of settling the conflict was unleashed. Otherwise, he will continue to search for the root of the conflict, seeking to cooperate and add more participants to the chain. The longer the human chain, the greater the retrospective search for the root of the conflict initially triggered, which sometimes leads to the fifteenth generation, incredible as it may seem.


It will be vitally important to answer the constellator's questions as clarity and precision as possible about the feelings and emotions that you are experimenting for and to facilitate the work of the same in the interpretation of such emotions or absence thereof, so valid and important for the last constellator as the first. These participants vigorously channeled to relatives of a certain generation who, after answering constellation questions, and expressing their emotions, wishing to end and resolve the manifested conflict, marked the turning point of returning in the opposite direction to reach the first generation, or starting point. As long as this occurs and the conflict is resolved, the participants will leave the chain. The constellator continues his work by addressing the participants of the older generation. She, immersed in the flow of energy and, like the rest of the human chain, has subconsciously benefited from the positive impact of conflict resolution on the next generation. Visualize it as the "ripple effect."


His work, once again, seeks to minimize the intensity of emotions to the extent that they take another act of forgiveness and love each other again. This will be donethrough the exercise of gazes and monitoring the intensity of the energy, still

active at that time.  The last step in the process of loving forgiveness is always taken by the same participants in question, as long as they really feel it in their hearts.  That act of love and forgiveness will always be the sealed embrace between the couple, but not before ensuring that the charge of power has been completely diluted. This will mean that another generation will be healed, and so on until you return to square one or the first generation.


Important general aspects to consider in a family constellation:

The sessions are also soaked in anecdotal and funny situations, so valid from a therapeutic point of view. I repeat, nothing that is said or does is the result of an innocent accident. All participants will be outside so that they sit at all times without analyzing, without questioning their own reactions and feelings, which can be very inappropriate for him. The specific participating constellation of the family will be able to identify and recognize each of the members of their family by their behaviors, attitudes, verbal expressions and body language, and all thanks to the invisible work that exerts power over them at that moment.


In each meeting of human energy, those tacit secrets, infidelities, deaths, spontaneous disappearances will be spoken, acted.

The individual participant will be aware of some of the incidents that come to light, either through familiar references or having experienced firsthand, but those incidents unknown to the surface, although unknown, are exerting the same influence on our lives on a subconscious level. , because energy is timeless, that is, it does not distinguish past, present or future. Within these secrets are the people for example, the dishonor of families, who were left out or were not in mourning, in the case of deaths or abortions. Despite not being known by subsequent generations, they are still present in the family and individual unconscious, trying to recover their rightful place in the family clan.


Scope and healing effects of a family constellation:

The scope of the healing effect of the specific participant who decided constellations or question in his family tree will not be limited. The impact of the expansive wave will reach the rest of the family structure, since when someone makes the decision to "shake" the energy of their tree, all the members of that family will experience changes in their lives, being more evident in some than in others. others. In addition, these impact transformers will have the same effects on the rest of the involved participants present at the meeting, as well as on their families.

Identifies conflicts in the family, work or social system that hinder the good flow of your life. The real problem also finds the solution and the way to it. The place in the family that corresponds to its natural order will be resumed, it will recognize the family structure as it was and is. So not only the energy charge is not for you, but also the toxic energy that blocks other members of the extended family is released. Love will flow freely again.


You will learn to recognize the main scenarios where conflicts arise:

Relationships in general acting as our mirrors. Learn to honor and respect those who deserve it, for example, parents who have given their lives. And an image of the individual and family unconscious is created. It will teach in a vivid and impressive way the unconscious connection with the human beings who have constantly given our lives (father, mother, siblings, grandparents, uncles, partners, own children...).


Latest findings and evaluations of the family constellation:

The release of toxic emotional charges in a family tree is a great achievement that each of the participants will experience after a constellation of sessions. Little by little you will notice changes in yourselves and in others. This dissolution of blocks and emotions will be more effective to the extent that more constellations participate. Finally, do not forget to congratulate yourself on the opportunity and the permission that you have been granted and the courage to live an experience of this type, so subtle and delicate to put into words. This description is just a sample of the tip of the iceberg that will be discovered in each of our lives, but only what you can do.

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We must take into account that resentment, anger and other emotions that derive from what we believe they have done to us, and we cannot forgive, have dire consequences, not only on our physical body but also on our mind and on our our spiritual progress.


​There is no possible spiritual path if we do not seriously address the issue of forgiveness, because without forgiveness we are blind. Without the balm of forgiveness we are trapped in a psychological prison where we cannot

efficiently develop our creativity and many other qualities. Forgiveness is the best exercise to achieve peace and fullness in our lives.


As for the physical aspects. If we are in a process of anger, hatred or resentment, the organism is probably in a constant state of heterostasis. This state is characterized by an imbalance that implies, to simplify, an excess of certain chemical agents and a lack of others.


People who maintain this state of powerful arousal often experience abnormalities such as sleep disturbances, nightmares, poor concentration, and fatigue. In addition, tension headaches, migraines, ulcers, back cramps and even heart attacks are very common.

It is a conscious act. It is a capacity of our being. In no case does it constitute an act of superiority but of conscious humility. If we understand, we forgive.


"Father forgive them because they don't know what they are doing" What we forgive is always ignorance.


Forgiveness requires: will, strength and decision.

Who do we have to forgive?


Let's observe what we resent, what we can't stand, what eats us inside, what we judge and what we criticize and we will have a

clear idea of what we have to forgive.


Let's review, on the other hand, how is the feeling I experience when I'm with gypsies, drugged, foreigners, Moroccans... etc.

Review your feelings about your husband/wife, children, parents, neighbors, those on the other political side, the boss...etc.

The Forgiveness Process:


Learning to realize that the problem is not outside of us (projection of our ego)

"Dear problem I release you and set you free"

Ask the Holy Spirit for help (Grace)


Techniques to forgive:

There are various techniques to forgive. Some of them are listed below:



"I forgive myself for my misperceptions." When you feel resentment towards someone you can say: "Through my divine presence

I AM, I send you my divine love to bless you and to prosper"



Relaxation exercise, meditation and visualization of the person you want to forgive and to send you light and love

and ask each other for forgiveness.


Writing sentences on a piece of paper "I forgive you...(name)...for...(reasons)....

If this is practiced many times, you will see how relationships magically change. A very useful practice related to this method is detailed later.


- Forgiving myself and forgiving others frees me from the past.

- Forgiveness is the answer to almost all problems.

- It's a gift I give myself.

- He forgave me and released me.

- I free myself and all the people in my life, from the grievances of the past.

- They are free and so am I to live new and magnificent experiences.

- The past has passed and is over, it has no power over me.

- I can start to be free right now.

- Today's thoughts create my future.

- I'm in command.

- I get my power back.

- I am safe.

- I am free.

- I am about to let go of old negative beliefs.

- They are only thoughts that bother me.

- My new thoughts are positive and satisfying.


It is the art of facing fear, self-criticism, lack of acceptance, etc. And be accepted in society. Through exercises and techniques you free yourself from bondage and physical, mental and spiritual pain.



Anger tells us what we feel or think that something is not right. We are filled with anger and rage It often tells us that

someone or some behavior has crossed our limits and is threatening our physical and emotional state of mind. I invite you to this experiential workshop, where you can free yourself from ties and mixed feelings.

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