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In each person, there is the key that opens the door to the path of happiness. Unfortunately we have forgotten that we have it in our possession.


Precisely in the most unexpected place, within us. Since we came into this world, we are told to seek happiness in places, objects, and things.


Acquire fears, wrong behaviors, patterns, social and physical barriers, most often inherited from our parents or ancestors, due to social fashions, sexual trauma, morality or religion, etc. in the end they are an obstacle to our integral development to reach a higher and balanced consciousness.


Miguel Salcedo

From the moment that resonated in my heart that the only and true reason why we are here on this earth, I committed myself to the transformation of being.


But of course the transformation begins with myself and that's when I become a professional reborner, and I believe the structure enters you, where it shows us the reason why we are not in the place we would like to be.


My mission is to inspire and share consciousness individually and collectively to be able to give, share and leave a positive mark on this world and thus be able to find the long-awaited peace that we seek so much.

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