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What is the family constellation?


It is an alternative technique aimed at discovering and recognizing all those aspects that cause us so much suffering

due to ignorance of the root of the conflict. A family constellation does not offer the opportunity to free ourselves from the harmful consequences of unconsciously bringing up family secrets...


This breathing technique was developed by Leonard Orr to re-establish an intuitive, connected, energetic and relaxed rhythm to access the subconscious and unlock hidden emotions and feelings that arouse breath. Breathing was inhibited at birth and


We must take into account that resentment, anger and other emotions that derive from what we believe they have done to us, and we cannot forgive, have dire consequences, not only on our physical body but also on our mind and on our our spiritual progress.


There is no possible spiritual path if we do not seriously address the issue of forgiveness, because without it we are blind Without the balm of forgiveness we are trapped in a jail...




Each one of us harbors within us a totally perfect world, but forgotten because of the
feelings of fear, guilt and emotional ignorance and spiritual. All this is a consequence of false beliefs,
social prejudices, religious creeds, educational systems, fidelity to academic education and family structures
etc. But that magical world so unknown in each of we have always existed in the depths of our being.

It is our wish that you awaken to that world through gradual approach to the bottom of your heart. there lies
deposited everything you need to meet the so desired peace that we want so much but it is the one we have the least.  Don't look for it outside of yourself because you'll be looking in the wrong direction, once again.
Give yourself a little attention in silence and you will feel that behind of that darkness, of thoughts that do not cease in your mind there is something that goes beyond what you already know about yourself:

it is the access key to the heart.

Connecting with the heart offers us the possibility of observing how incoherent that we are when verifying that what we think, what we feel and what we say are in total disagreement. But this
imbalance between mind and soul can be healed, if we give the opportunity to go out to meet the heart and its content in conscious love in its purest state, without sweeteners or preservatives. The heart houses all
wisdom and everything we need to know at all times, never fool us. Ask him and you will see how he responds. Now well, listening to their responses and interpreting the signals are our learning, starting first by removing the ego and the masks.


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