​                                                                                   What is Rebirthing?

This breathing technique was developed by Leonard Orr in order to restore a rate of intuitive, connected, energetic and relaxed in order to access the subconscious and unlock hidden emotions and feelings awakening breath.

Breathing was inhibited at birth and this practice creates a free bridge blockades, with the help of the forces of nature (air, fire, earth and water) and achieve happiness, relaxation and healing.

Rebirthing Benefits: - Lowers levels of stress and tension. - It increases energy and endurance. - Improving the domain of emotions. - Prevents physical problems. - Relieves all kinds of ailments. - It improves mental focus and physical performance. - It facilitates spiritual transformation.

Individual sessions

- To Begin practice Rebirthing is recommended to start a cycle of ten individual
sessions with a professional rebirther. - The Ideal frequency is a weekly session. - After the initial cycle of ten, another cycle of ten with a professional rebirther the

opposite sex to start is advised.

Every single session consists of two parts:

1st) - By activating you will discover patterns of behavior that define your birth,

childhood and relationships and how these patterns affect your life creative


2nd) - On this, will practice the art of conscious breathing and turned on for about

two hours.

The rebirther guide and help solve problems whose origins are in a system of

unconscious beliefs, offering various tools for resolution: affirmations, readings and

suggestions that the client will use the space remaining between sessions.

Features a session

Circular breathing. It must be deep, without breaks and conscious. The rhythm of our breathing connects us with the flow of life and the universe.

Body relaxation. The body is lying in a horizontal position and as comfortably as possible. Attention is projected within us, available and attentive to the perception of what lived inside. Gradually the body released tensions, our emotions vehicle is made.

Attention of the "here and now".

Daily life and thoughts about what we have to do continually distract us from ourselves. No judge or hold us, without seeking interpretations at all costs, let flow the thoughts and feelings, listening and living in simplicity the present in which we are and are.

Absolute sincerity. We are completely authentic and honest with ourselves: we accept the pain, joy, fear, anguish and pleasure in the same way. We recognize that we live and let flow freely.

Acceptance and integration. If we accept what we feel, we will integrate, ie see to what extent part of us and we can teach something. So we stop fighting, to resist, to feel fear, to remain locked or lie. OK brings the dilute and we can free ourselves from fear and suffering. Denial does not relieve pain, rather the opposite. Acknowledging, facing him and watching him leave to exercise any control over us.

Painted by:

Oswaldo Vielma

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Rebirthing Breathwork