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Family Constallation

Introduction to the family constellation:

  It is an alternative technique aimed at the discovery and recognition of all those aspects that cause us so much suffering by the ignorance of the root of the conflict.
         A family constellation does not offer the opportunity to free ourselves from the harmful consequences that come with unconsciously bring family secrets, abortions, incest, infidelity, abandonment, death, etc. unfinished business, passed down from generation to generation through our family trees, and saved as themselves, when in fact belong to us. We could include as examples: irrational fears, emotional reactions to certain situations or people, compulsions, etc.

Basic Ingredients to participate in a family constellation:
-the Forgiveness.
-Certeza That all human beings are energy beings.

Categorizing participants according to their role in the constellation:
Specific one-Participant constelará family and inquire in your family tree.
2-Participants selected to supplant members studded family.
3-members cooperating in the constellation of specific participant and family.

What it is and how a family constellation work:
To carry out a session of family constellation is required:
An unknown number of participants.
A participant in specific constellations want your family, or dig into your family tree.
Some participants selected from all the participants supplanting family members
The session begins with the instruction from the specific participant constellator want constellate his / her family who choose many participants cooperating as direct family members, parent and number of siblings. This selection will be made indiscriminately, without following any specific criteria and can even assign the role of father to a female participant. The world does not distinguish gender constellation, only he understood energy. Although this apparently can be absurd, it is not. The energy present at the scene moves invisible to all participants fulfill their roles, the energy field has been instrumental for that meeting to take place paper threads.
       It should be noted that those selected participants will not receive more instruction than the role assigned to them, which will make the individual participant. From this moment, the members of the selected family will be distributed in the room, standing, so that they can, as a first step, look intently among the members of the family.
       Following the indications of constellator, each participant will set his sights on the other / a placed in front of him / her, and leave out so that then arises or sitting at the energy meeting with the other. Emotions, feelings, sensations whose roots are few LOCKS, resistance and resentment is experience.
The purpose is to identify and release them through love and forgiveness to achieve the desired release.
        In that first meeting face to face family members, they will be gradually adding other participating donors that will gradually incorporated, when the constellator start a "virtual journey through time," including adding and combining, one by one, to those cooperating participants deemed appropriate energy at the time. In these combinations will begin to include those participants who are in the group of donors initially selected as members of the family, so that eventually form a-energy human chain in which the common denominator of all of them It will be an energy flow that was already exercising his presence before even the start of the session. It will be like a countdown, and each encounter per couple represent a generation prior to the first present of the family tree that has just begun to unfold.
         The work that the constellator play in each match will be to perceive, feel the emotions unleashed in that instant, determine how intense are the emotions, and the possibility of settling the conflict was unleashed. Otherwise, it will continue in the search for the root of the conflict reaching for cooperating and add more participants to the chain. The longer the human chain, the greater the retrospective search of the root of the conflict initially triggered, sometimes leading to the fifteenth generation, however incredible it may seem.
Will be vital to respond to the questions as clearly and accurately as possible constellator about the feelings and emotions that are experiencing for and to facilitate the work of the same in the interpretation of such emotions or lack thereof, as valid and important for constellator latter as the former.

         Those participants energetically they channeled family members of a specific generation that, after answering questions constellator, and express their emotions, wishing to put an end and resolve the conflict manifested, marked the turning point of return in reverse direction to reach the first generation, or starting point.
 Whenever this occurs, and the conflict is resolved, participants will leave the chain.
         The constellator continue its work addressing the participants of the previous generation. This, submerged in the energy flow and, like the rest of the human chain, subconsciously has benefited from the positive impact of conflict resolution in the next generation. Visualize it as the "domino effect".
 Their work, once again, be sure that the intensity of the emotions is minimized to the extent that they take another act of forgiveness and love each other again. This will be done through the exercise of looks and monitor the intensity of energy, still active at that time. The last step in the process of loving forgiveness always give the same participants in question, as long as you really feel in their hearts. That act of love and forgiveness always be sealed embrace between the couple, but not before ensuring that the power load has been diluted at all. This will mean that another generation will be healed, and so on until you return to the starting point or first generation.
Important general aspects to consider in a family constellation:
        The sessions are also soaked anecdotal and funny situations, as valid from the therapeutic point of view. I repeat, nothing that is said or done is the result of an innocent accident.
      All participants will be left out so that they feel at all times without analyzing, without questioning their own reactions and feelings, which can be very improper to him.
        Specific participant constele family, can identify and recognize each of your family members by their behaviors, attitudes, verbal expressions and body language, and all thanks to the invisible work that exerts power over them at that time.
       In every human-energy meeting will be spoken, they will act out, those unspoken, secrets, infidelities, deaths, disappearances spontaneously. The specific participant will have conscious awareness of some of the incidents that come to light, either by family references or having lived in first person, but those incidents unknown to surface, although unknown, are exerting the same influence in our lives on a subconscious level because energy is timeless, ie, it does not distinguish past, present or future.
 Within these secrets are people who have been neglected within families for being, among many other examples, the dishonor of families, which were set aside or were not mourning, in the case of deaths or abortions . Despite not even be known by later generations, they are still present in the family and individual unconscious trying to regain their rightful place in the family clan.

Scope and healing effects of a family constellation:
            The scope of the healing effect of the specific participant who decided constellations or ask in your family tree will not be limited. The impact of the blast wave will reach the rest of the family structure, as when someone makes the decision to "shake" your tree energy, all members of that family will experience changes in their lives, being in some more obvious than in other. Also, this impact transformers shall have the same effects on the rest of the engaging participants present at the meeting, as well as their families.
           Identify the conflicts of family, work or social system are hindering the smooth flow of your life. The real problem the solution and the way to it is found, as well.
           It will resume the place in the family member that corresponds to his natural order, recognize the family structure as it was and is. So, not only the energy charge is not for you but also that toxic energy that blocks other members of the extended family is released.
           Love will flow freely again.
           You will learn to recognize the main scenarios where conflicts arise: Relationships in general acting as our mirrors.
Learn to honor and respect those who deserve, eg parents who have given life. And an image of the individual and family unconscious is created.
He will teach a vivid and impressive way the unconscious connection with humans who have consistently given our life (father, mother, siblings, grandparents, uncles, partners, own children ...).
Latest findings and assessments of the family constellation:
         The release toxic emotional burdens on a family tree is a great achievement that each of the participants will experience after a session constellation. Gradually ye percataréis changes in yourself and in others. This dissolution of blockages and emotions will be more effective to the extent that they participate more constellations.

Finally, do not forget to congratulate themselves for the opportunity and permission have been granted and the courage to experience an experience of this kind so subtle and delicate to put into words. This description is only a sample of the tip of the iceberg that is to be discovered in each of our lives, but only what you can do.